ISARA Best Student Paper Award

To encourage the widest possible involvement of graduate students in the biennial Spatial Accuracy symposia series, and to recognize their innovative research in the area of spatial accuracy assessment and decision support under uncertainty in natural resources and environmental sciences, ISARA will award up to two winners of the Student Paper Competition for the best student papers presented at the symposium. As part of their award, students will be reimbursed the conference registration fee. Authors who wish to be considered for this award are required to indicate their interest and demonstrate eligibility. Full Award details, eligibility, and the application process are described further in the linked pdf file.

Travel and Accommodation Support

Two types of support will be made available for three groups of people:

  1. Scholars with affiliations in the global south particularly from those countries and regions historically underrepresented at the meeting (preference to graduate students and early-career academics)
  2. Graduate students with affiliations outside the United States and Canada (not in Group 1)
  3. Graduate students with United States or Canadian affiliations
Crisply defining the global south is not straightforward, but for funding purposes it is defined as including Asia (with the exception of China, Japan, Hong Kong, Macau, Singapore, South Korea and Taiwan), Central America, South America, Mexico, Africa, and the Middle East (with the exception of Israel). Our initial goal is to support twenty participants from the first two groups, with preference going to group 1. For group 3 we hope to support twenty people. Local participants, loosely defined as those with affiliations in Michigan and adjacent areas within driving distance, will not be eligible for travel funds. Participants will be expected to apply for support at the time they register for the conference.

Travel Support
We expect to award a maximum of 30 international travel awards. Similarly, we expect to offer travel awards to 20 participants from group 3. Under ideal circumstances each of the 30 international awardees will receive $667 and the 20 graduate students will receive $250. Should more than the maximum apply for support, awardees will be selected according to the preferences listed above, with ties going to earlier registrants. Travel awards will be made by money order at the conference to registered attendees in person.

Accommodation Support
We have reserved a block of 30 rooms in a residence hall several minutes' walk from the conference venue for the four nights of the symposium. Rooms are air conditioned and furnished. The first 30 eligible participants who register and request accommodation will receive a room for free, for the duration of the conference.

In either case, proof of affiliation and/or student status will be necessary to demonstrate eligibility.

At this time (March 11, 2014) not all details are complete, and some changes are possible.

Email the Organizing Committee Chair, Dr. Ashton Shortridge, with proof of eligibity (scanned nonexpired university or student ID card, current semester transcript) at the time you register. Your position in the queue for this support will be determined by the date of this email and your registration with complete payment, whichever is later.

You will get an email reply from Dr. Shortridge confirming your application.